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Company History
KEITAS SYSTEMS is also the first company worldwide to offer Tempeus®, a proactive maintenance portal for allowing services centers and operators to share real time information for the works in progress until the aircraft release.

Lahou KEITA, a maintenance planning engineer, is the inventor of this solution. With 15 years of experience in the aeronautics field and a comprehensive understanding of all decision-making stages, Lahou KEITA has succeeded inthoroughly assessing the maintenance management needs in aviation. This is how Tempeus® was developed. Tempeus® is designed for all aircraft pilots, operators and owners, aircraft and engine manufacturers and their representatives, and service centers.

Lahou KEITA is joined on this project by her sister Fatou KEITA for the market release of the Tempeus® online portal.
Fatou KEITA holds a Medical degree and received the highest score on the entrance exam to the prestigious HEC business school where she obtained a degree in Corporate finance. She already runs a successful business in the cosmetics sector.

KEITAS SYSTEMS was formed from this collaboration.